Telkom’s Mega Submarine Cable Project SEA-ME-WE5 Has Landed in Dumai

Telkom Group as one member of the consortium submarine cable Southeast Asia – Middle East – Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5) carry out the deployment of submarine cables at the Station of Landing Cable at Puak Dumai Beach on Thursday, 19 November, 2015, witnessed by Director of Network and IT Telin, Tulus Sudarsono, and EVP Telkom Regional I, Teuku Muda Nanta.

The Submarine cable system SEA-ME-WE 5 extends from Southeast Asia, the Middle East to Europe with a cable length of about 20,000 km linking 15 countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Qatar , Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, and France. The Submarine cable system has a capacity of 24 Tera bits per second using 100G technology. The Submarine cable SEA-ME-WE 5 is planned to be ready for operation in November 2016.

The Participation in the consortium SEA-ME-WE 5 will strengthen the position of Telkom Group as a global operator, which has been participating in the other consortium such as Batam Singapore Cable System (BSCS), Dumai Malaka Cable System (DMCs), the Asia America Gateway (AAG) Singapore Japan Cable System (SJC), Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US), Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua Cable System (SMPCS), and Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG) which will soon be built. Telkom Group will have Infrastructure submarine cables linking Europe, Asia, and the USA.

“With the construction of the submarine cable system SEA-ME-WE5, will strengthen the strategic position of Indonesia in the provision of global infrastructure towards Indonesia as The New Global Hub”, said Sharif Syarial Ahmad, President of Telin.

The Mega Project of Submarine Cable SEA-ME-WE 5 constructed by a consortium of 19 world-class telecom operators namely BSCCL (Bangladesh), CMI, CTG, China Unicom (People’s Republic of China), Djibouti Telecom (Djibouti), du (UAE), Ooredoo (Qatar), Orange (France), MPT (Myanmar), Telin, Telkom, STC (Saudi Arabia), SingTel (SingTel), SLT (Sri Lanka), Telecom Italia Sparkle (Italy), TM (Malaysia), TTI (Turkey ), TWA (Pakistan), and Telecom Egypt.

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