Telkom launches world-class data center in Singapore

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, through its subsidiary Telin Singapore, has officially launched state-of-the-art data center Telin-3 in the center of Singapore’s “Silicon Valley”, the Jurong Data Center Park.

The five-story, 20,000-square-meter facility is designed as a premium data center, which is the first and the only one in Singapore to receive Tier-IV design certification from the Uptime Institute.

Tier-IV is the highest standard of critical data center service in terms of security and reliability, enabling it to meet the stringent risks, safety and data security guidelines required by various industry, especially finance and banking.

“Telin-3 is designated to absorb the rising demand for a data center in the region. Our existing data centers, Telin-1 and Telin-2 in Changi, Singapore, have been overwhelmed due to high demand,” said Telkom’s vice president for corporate communication, Arif Prabowo, in Singapore, adding that construction began on the center in June last year.

Telin Singapore’s CEO, Septika N. Widyasrini, said Telin-3 would also run as a carrier neutral data center in which Telkom group submarine cable systems were seamlessly connected via Telin Singapore’s domestic fiber network.

“This well-connected network infrastructure will position Telin-3 as a telecommunications hub as well as a gateway to Indonesia and the rest of the world,” she explained.


Arif Gunawan Sulistiyono

The Jakarta Post

Singapore | Tue, November 22, 2016 | 08:45 pm

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