Data Center Services

Telin USA’s telecommunication infrastructure has own submarine cable from Asia to USA along with data center space lease from various third party provider like Equinix and CoreSite. This gives the company unmatched capabilities for global telecommunication services. Being part of the Telkom Group provides Telin USA’s with the capacity of transport telecommunications traffic to and from Asia and the all over the US. The availability of fully protected network enables Telin USA’s to provide reliable services that reaches all parts of the world.

Telin USA’s data center is a significant component of its Data Services. Located in 6 PoP from West Coast to East Coast, also has same infrastructure share with Telkom Group’s network in Indonesia help to enable customers demand of co-location and web hosting services.

It is also integrated with two other large data centers that belong to Equinix and CoreSite. Telin USA’s facility has been specifically designed for colocation, internet gateway, disaster recovery and IT facility housing.

It has 24 hour on-site advanced security systems, scalable uninterrupted power system with power generator backup, precision air conditioning systems, trend management and environmental monitoring systems.


For customers requiring secured spaces for network equipment and hardware, Telin USA offers rack space with power redundancy and physical security, plus network connections to the internet, either via a shared or dedicated link.
Various services of co-location specifications include:

  • Dedicated International Submarine Landing Station, Telehouse and Carrier Neutral Data centre
  • Fire rated and passed the Room Integrity Test
  • Dual Dedicated Transformer
  • 2N Power Redundancy Systems
  • 2N UPS Systems
  • Iso-transformer
  • Dual dedicated UPS room with different path power cabling input & output
  • N+N CRAC Unit, auto-rotating operation shift
  • Dedicated FCU service corridor
  • Customize rack cooling system
  • Hot and Cool area
  • High Quality Racks with AC Current meter on every power strip
  • Ultrasonic Moving Detector System
  • Raised floor with loading capacity 10 kN/m2
  • 24×7 On-Site Security Personnel
  • 24×7 Escort Service, Smart-hand, and NOC.
  • CCTV recorded operation camera
  • Biometric and RFID access doors
  • Facilities and environment online monitoring system
  • Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA).
  • Automatic fire and smoke detector with Fire Suppression System.
  • Integrated with DECAM.
  • Global IPVPN Network – Dedicated Internet Access.
  • Global IP Transit Service and Telin Internet Exchange TIXNet).
  • Seamless Data Centre Connectivity with Equinix and CoreSite
  • VoIP, SIP and TDM Softswitch Services.
  • Seamless with Telkom Group Indonesia Network.
  • International Submarine Cable System: Asia America Cable Gateway (AAG), Batam Singapore Cable System (BSCS), Thailand–Indonesia-Singapore (TIS), South East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC)